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APSD V.2 Restart and Recovery (Reopening) Plan 2020-2021  

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Reopening Plan Frequently Asked Questions

When will school begin for staff and students for the 2020-2021 school year?
The District is delaying the start of the school year for our students to Tuesday, September 8, 2020. Gold students will report on Tuesday and Wednesday and Green students will report on Thursday and Friday. A detailed schedule of Green and Gold days as well as the 6-Day Cycle for the elementary schools will be shared shortly. The elementary 6-day schedule will be followed and include Wednesdays. By maintaining a consistent schedule, when and if we are able, we will return to full in-person instruction with less confusion and interruption.

The faculty will return to school on September 1, 2020. In-service training will occur on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The three days will be used to support the staff in the safe and efficient return of our students in the hybrid model (synchronous/in-person and asynchronous/remote instruction).

Social-emotional systems and supports will be presented and available for faculty and students throughout the pandemic.

LEARNING: What are my instructional choices for the 2020-2021 school year?
Option I (In-person): In-person instruction will be delivered through a hybrid model. Students will either be assigned to the Green (Monday and Tuesday) or Gold (Thursday & Friday) Cohort. All Option I students will receive instruction through a modified early dismissal schedule. 

Option II (Fully Remote): Families will be able to elect for a fully remote learning option for their child(ren). Students receiving instruction remotely will be assigned to the Purple Cohort.

A Genesis survey will be shared on August 6, 2020 so that families can select their child(ren)’s option and the District team can prepare appropriately.

LEARNING: Are there other cohorts of students?
Identified students with Individual Education Plans and/or 504’s that require additional in-person instruction will be assigned to the Red Cohort. Not all students with IEPs will be assigned to the Red Cohort. English Language Learners will also be included in this cohort. The Red Cohort will receive in-person instruction on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Supplemental services may be provided on Wednesdays.

LEARNING: Why did the District leaders decide to go with an A/B Schedule?
Based on the Audubon Public School District student counts and classroom design (size/square footage) and when referencing and following the NJDOE Road Back, Center for Disease and Control & Prevention, and Camden County Health Department guidance and guidelines, it is not possible for the District to come back to 100% in-person instruction at this time. It is not physically possible to follow and adhere to the social distancing guidelines in locations including but not limited to classrooms, hallways, and public spaces. Districts have been charged with having in-person instruction while keeping students and staff safe. The safest model which also includes in-person instruction is a hybrid model.

LEARNING: Why instruct remotely on Wednesday?
The Audubon Public School District teachers and contracted service providers will be required to teach in-person 4 days per week while continuing to provide remote instruction 5 days per week. Synchronous (live) and/or asynchronous (recorded) supports will be required for at-home remote learning in order to support students and their parents/guardians. Wednesday’s supports include individual and small group reinforcement and extension activities. Time must be allocated to the teachers’ schedule in order to effectively tackle these challenges and responsibilities and to support the overall continuity of learning.

The District will be doing an “additional” cleaning on Wednesdays and Friday/Saturday in order to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination between cohorts. Wednesdays provide the District with additional time to address and mitigate the spread of any identified COVID-19 cases.

LEARNING: Why choose to deliver the in-person learning in an abbreviated early dismissal schedule?
An early dismissal schedule supports student and staff safety while following mandated guidelines. For example, with our current infrastructure and staffing it is not safe for us to provide a traditional lunch service in the cafeteria or in classrooms. We do not have enough staff to safely social-distance students during lunch and potential recess.  Even with a little more than half the student population in the schools on a given day, we do not have the physical space to social-distance as directed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the NJDOE Road Back guidance. An early dismissal hybrid model addresses the health concerns when serving and eating meals.

LEARNING: What is the timeline for the hybrid learning plan? Will the plan run the entire school year?
The hybrid model is planned for from September 8, 2020 through December 23, 2020.  This plan will be modified based on the guidance provided from the Governor, the Department of Education, the Camden County Department of Health, and the Center for Disease Control & Prevention. Our overall goal is to return to the traditional model of in-person instruction as soon as possible.

LEARNING: When will I know my child(ren)’s schedule and learning team?
Student schedules including homeroom and class/course assignments will be shared in August as has been past practice. The student’s individual assignment to Green (Monday & Tuesday) and Gold (Wednesday & Thursday) cohorts will be shared as soon as possible. Siblings will be scheduled in the same cohort regardless of school assignment when possible. The administration is working swiftly so that families can make childcare arrangements and to assist in correcting any errors.

LEARNING: Will the District be offering a preschool program?
The Audubon Public School District will continue to offer a preschool program for the 2020-2021 school year. Only identified preschool disabled students will be able to participate. We will not be offering a tuition-based preschool program for general education students. The NJDOE is not extending the Preschool Aid monies for the 2020-2021 school year.

HEALTH & SAFETY: What will the district screening processes for students and staff members?
All District employees and students (via their parent/guardian) will be required to sign a one-time waiver. The document includes exposure risks and symptoms that the employee or student (parent/guardian) is agreeing that they are in compliance in order for them to attend school. Bi-monthly reminders about general hygiene and waiver requirements will be shared with all school community members. In addition, all employees and students will need to pass a temperature screening in order to be in school or within a district facility.

HEALTH & SAFETY: What are the district cleaning protocols and procedures?
The District has a comprehensive cleaning program that includes all buildings and facilities. We are planning on hiring additional part-time day and night custodians in order to keep the facilities clean when staff and students are present AND to fully clean prior to the start of a new school day. The District protocols include cleaning high touch, high traffic, and communal spaces (e.g. bathrooms) every hour to hour and a half. Multiple hydrostatic sprayers have been purchased for each building and the athletics/extracurricular department.

HEALTH & SAFETY:  What cleaning materials will be available throughout the District? 
Each classroom and District office will have Re-Juv-Nal sanitizing wipes, liquid hand sanitizing gel, a spray bottle with Re-Juv-Nal, and a microfiber towel (towels will be replaced daily). In addition, gloves and disposable face masks will be available as needed.

HEALTH & SAFETY: What is the District’s stance on personal protective equipment (PPE)? Will students and staff be required to wear PPE throughout the school day? What types of PPE are acceptable?
All faculty, staff, and students will be required to wear face masks for the majority of the school day following Center for Disease Control & Prevention guidelines. Complimentary masks will be provided for employees and students. Disposable masks will be available when and if needed in all district offices and classrooms. Face Shields will be provided for employees and students in prekindergarten through third grade. Face Shields do not replace the face mask requirements.

HEALTH & SAFETY: Will meals be available on a daily basis?
Meals will be available for all students on all instructional days whether the student is participating in remote or in-person instruction. All meals will be served in a grab and go fashion. Lunches will not be eaten on school property. The ‘early-dismissal’ schedule is extending past typical times. Students are encouraged to pack a snack daily. Snack will be eaten in the classroom following school guidelines and with teacher guidance. 

GENERAL GUIDANCE: Will KEYS be offered this year?
Afternoon KEYS will be available this year. AM KEYS will not be offered. The capacity will be limited in order to adhere to Center for Disease Control & Prevention guidelines. For example, students would only be able to participate on days they are attending for in-person instruction.

GENERAL GUIDANCE: Will visitors be permitted in schools and/or on/in District facilities?
The Audubon Public School District schools and facilities will not be open to the visitors or the public during instructional days. Anyone using district facilities (e.g. fields, courts) on non-instructional days, must adhere to Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Camden County Department of Health guidelines.

Please feel free to complete this survey from July 31, 2020 through August 14, 2020, if you have additional comments, questions, or suggestions. 

Thank you for your dedication and support of our students and schools.