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Welcome to Audubon Public Schools.  Below is information regarding the district registration process.

REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS for Students Living in Audubon, Audubon Park, and Mount Ephraim



Regular Hours (School Days)                                      Summer Hours

Monday – Friday                                                           Monday – Thursday        CLOSED FRIDAYS
9:00 am - 1:00 pm                                                       9:00 am – 2:00 pm       


Joan Jackson, Registrar
350 Edgewood Avenue, Audubon, New Jersey 08106-1545
Tel. No. (856) 547-7695 Ext. 4122 • Fax No. (856) 546-8550


ON-LINE REGISTRATION:  Click on this link to provide your student’s information on-line.  Genesis Online Registration

You must still make an appointment to complete the registration process.  Also, please click on the forms link,

print them, and bring them to in-person registration.    ON-LINE FORMS



PRE-K TO GRADE 5:  Click here to print the registration packet -  Registration Packet for PreK to Grade 5


GRADES 6 TO 12:  Click here to print the registration packet – Registration Packet for Grades 6 to 12


Families that register their child for Kindergarten at the Kindergarten Registration Meetings in February do not need to make a separate appointment with the registrar.


Mount Ephraim residents must obtain a Tuition Authorization Form from the Mary Bray School prior to beginning the registration process in Audubon.  Please call 931-7807, x208 for more information.


TWO (2) Proofs of Residency (1 PRIMARY & 1 SECONDARY) must be submitted upon registration along with all information listed under Student Records, and (if applicable) Custody Papers indicating Primary Parent &/or State Agency Papers.



Property Mortgage Bill                                              * Recent Utility Bill (less than 60 days)                *  ORIGINAL Birth Certificate

Property Tax Bill                                                                  Electric                                                                *  Transfer Card, Report

Lease Agreement                                                                Gas                                                                                  Card, Transcript &

(above documents must be current                                Water & Sewer                                                             Test Scores from

                within the past 60 days)                                    Cable                                                                                previous school

Tuition Authorization (Mt Ephraim)                                                                                                               *  IMMUNIZATION RECORDS

Housing Agreement (Audubon Park)                                                                                                             *  Physical/Health Records


Proofs of Residency MUST SHOW Parent/Guardian legal name.  A lease must have a CURRENT DATE consistent with the school year.  If none of the residency requirements have the parents/guardians name, a NOTARIZED RESIDENCY AFFIDAVIT from both the district resident and the parent/guardian must be submitted.  This form is available from the Registrar.


To complete the registration process, a new student MUST:

Be accompanied by PARENT / LEGAL GUARDIAN during the registration unless: 

o    The student is not living with a parent or guardian, then he/she must establish proof of residence in the borough and present appropriate domicile papers.

o    A student is 18 years of age or older.

o    The student is an emancipated minor.


Immunization/Physical Examination Records – Student CANNOT begin school if proof of Immunization is not complete.

Complete Immunization Record MUST be submitted upon registration.  It must show MONTH/DAY/YEAR of each vaccine your child has received to date, indicate the student’s name, name of the doctor or clinic, and the signature and/or stamp of the doctor.  



Appropriate Physical Examination Form must have been completed within the last 365 days, signed by your child’s physician, and returned to the school within 30 days of enrollment.  School nurse will review health records and may contact parents/legal guardian for further information. 


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