Digital Meeting July 15, 2020

Audubon Public School District

Video-Conferencing Meeting of the Board of Education

July 15, 2020


Parents and Guardians:

The Audubon Public School District Board of Education will meet virtually through video-conferencing on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 6:30 PM. The Board Secretary and I will host from the Junior-Senior High School at two separate locations. All Board of Education as well as interested community members will participate or be able to participate digitally using the Zoom video communications platform. Directives from the Governor and guidance from the Department of Health in regards to Social distancing and flattening the curve prompted these changes in meeting structure.   

The Board of Education will open the meeting at 6:30 PM and immediately go into the Closed Executive Session. The public session will begin at approximately 7:00 PM. Interested community members can join the meeting by logging into Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 764 0825 8059 Password: 070150

In order to join the meeting, click the link on the website or enter the URL listed above. 

     ● For record keeping, register with first name, last name, and email address,  
     ● Confirm you are not a robot. Select “Register,” and  
     ● Launch Zoom.   

Interested community members can join the meeting by logging into Zoom prior to the Open Session. You will be placed in a waiting room until the time the Board enters the Open Public Session.   

     ● Click “Join with Video.”  
     ● Click “Join with Computer Audio.”   

If you have registered for Zoom and followed the above steps, you should have no issues entering the meeting. Your microphone will be muted but your audio and video feeds will be active. I as the host, will turn off video feeds of public participants upon entry; participants can turn off video feeds if they wish as well. To see the virtual participants in the meeting, select “Participants” in Zoom. The active agenda for the meeting will be displayed and addendums will be shared if needed.

The Board of Education will conduct its business, as usual, including two opportunities for public comment. If you have a comment during either public comment section, please select “Participants”, select “More” and then “Raise Hand” to let the Board know you have a comment. You must have the “participants” tab open, as referenced above in order to “Raise Hand”.   

Once unmuted, state your name and address for the record and share your comment. When finished, you will be muted again. Participants may elect to share their video when making public comments. Comments from the public will be included in the Board Minutes as is practice.   

If someone from the public is having problems managing Zoom during the meeting, they may also submit their comments through email. Mrs. Roncace will be checking her inbox once the session begins and when the Board moves to a public comment portion of the meeting. Public participants are to email their comments to the attention of the Board Secretary, Mrs. Deborah Roncace at Mrs. Roncace will read the comments into the minutes.

Mr. Blumenstein, Board of Education President, will close the meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, I will end the Zoom meeting and you will be disconnected.  

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.


Andrew P. Davis, Ed.D.